Sample Itinerary
Architecture of Italy, Sicily & Malta
Tour Italy, Sicily and Malta to see some of the most miraculous architectural masterpieces you've only ever heard about.

17 days total recommended


Hotels from 3 to 5 Star

Rome, Italy:

Visit the Vatican City, see the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and many more while you explore the city with so much beauty and history all around.

Naples, Italy:

Visit the Napoli Harbor to Capri and the beautiful "Grotto Azzura."

Pompeii & Sorrento:

Stroll down the narrow streets and witness some beautiful sights.

Palermo, Sicily:

Visit Cathedral Monreale in this lovely city.

Agrigento, Sicily:

Tour the Valley of the Temples.

Syracuse, Sicily:

Visit Ortiga Island to see the Cathedral, see the Aretusa fountain and Apollo Temple on your way to a night in Syracuse.

Valetta, Malta:

Sail to Valetta, visit the National Museum of Archaeology, the Palace of the Grand Masters, the former council chamber and Hall of St. Michael, St. George and the Ambassadors, the St. John Co-Cathedral and the Upper Barrakka Gardens. There is plenty to do and see here to keep you entertained.

Gozo, Malta:

Visit the Citadel "Gran Castello," the Cathedral Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and Calypso's Cave.

Rome, Italy:

Fly back to Rome for some free time in the city as you end your trip and head home.