Sample Itinerary
East Coast Art Tour
Incredible museums and inspiring cities with a focus on modern and classic art.

Boston to St. Louis- 10 nights total


Hotels from 2 to 5 Star

Boston, MA:

Museums  to visit:
Isabella  Stewart Gardner Museum and Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Not only a city  at the forefront of US History, but also a city filled with sports, tourism and  ART!

New York City, NY:

Museums to visit:
Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Optional Museums:
The Frick Collection, Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, Whitney Museum of American Art

One of the most desirable vacation cities in the US and a must-see. More museums than you will have time for in the city that never sleeps.

Philadelphia, PA:

Museums to visit:
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Institute of Contemporary Art,
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (pictured to the right)

An innovative and colorful city filled with art all around, not just in the museums. This 21st century city is bursting with color and bringing new meaning to modern.

Washington, DC:

Museums to visit:
National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum of African Art

What’s a tour of the US without a stop in the Capitol? A city filled with monuments, memorials, and some of the best museums in the country. Get a taste of all different genres of art while also soaking in some of America’s treasures.

Cleveland, OH:

Cleveland Museum of Art

You’d never guess hidden in Cleveland is one of the best comprehensive art museums in the US. Just be sure to take a break from all of the art while you’re visiting and stop by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cedar Point Amusement Park, or go see a sporting event. This town has a lot to offer.

Chicago, IL:

Art Institute of Chicago

Don’t forget art comes in more forms than just museums. In Chicago there is live music every night and incredible architecture all around. Simply touring the city is enough to fulfill your heart’s desires.

St. Louis, MO:

Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

By now you’ve seen it all right? Wrong! St. Louis has more than enough art and culture to keep this tour going. Not to mention a fantastic night life so you can celebrate the end of your trip the right way with a night out on the town!