Sample Itinerary
Frank Gehry Architecture Tour
Curved buildings and high contrast materials are trademarks of Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry's deconstructionist style. Take a tour through Europe to visit some of Gehry's most famous sites.

Germany to France to Spain

7 to 10 days

DZ Bank Building (Berlin)

Situated between office buildings and residential apartments, this atrium is the perfect place to begin Frank Gehry's architectural tour. Step inside to get a closer look at the large, complex glass grid roof typical of Gehry's curved designs.

MARTa Herford (Herford):

Built around a former textile factory, this contemporary art museum is a perfect example of Gehry's use of contrast. The dark red bricks of the building's exterior directly stand out in comparison to its shiny, stainless steel roof.

Neuer Zollhof (Dusseldorf):

A group of three curving and leaning buildings situated in the Media Harbour area break up the city's skyline. While Gehry chose white plaster and red brick as the materials for the outer two buildings, the central building is made completely out of stainless steel in order to reflect the materials and shapes of its neighbors.

Vitra Design Museum (Weil am Rhein):

Gehry's first structure in Europe was originally intended to display its owner's private design collection, but is now open to the public as a museum. The white plaster and titanium-zinc alloy exterior reflect Gehry's trademark deconstructionist style.

Cinematheque Francaise (Paris):

This French film organization holds one of the largest archives of film documents and related objects in the world, but the limestone clad exterior is the true site to see for architecture enthusiasts. Despite delicately curving and hugging its neighboring properties, this site faced some of Gehry's harshest critics.

Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris):

When Gehry was tasked with creating a new structure within the square footage and two-story volume of the existing bowling alley at this site, he decided that anything higher would need to be made completely out of glass. The resulting building was designed to resemble a sailboat's sails as they become inflated by the wind.

Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao):

Situated along the Nervion River, the Guggenheim is one of Gehry's most famous European structures. The exterior features a mixture of stone, glass, and titanium that curve in a display designed to catch and reflect sunlight. 

Marques de Riscal Vineyard (Elciego):

Gehry transformed this winery into a dazzling City of Wine complex that features a 5-star hotel, spa, wine shop, and even a museum of viticulture. The multi-colored ribbon-like titanium exterior reflects the La Rioja region with its pink, silver, and golden hues.