Sample Itinerary
Great Northern Crossing
Searching for an "off the beaten path" experience or wanting to take the road less traveled? This blissfully untouched northern route might just be for you.

A minimum of 9 nights


Hotels from 2 to 5 star

Madison, WI

The capital of Wisconsin also happens to be the most attractive college town in the US, with tons of hidden treasures all around.

Badlands National Park, SD

Long day of driving across the Great Plains to the Badlands, a truly desolate, magical place, especially at sunrise.

Black Hills, SD

Forested Mountain plateau rising above the plains, home to Mount Rushmore and the equally monumental Crazy Horse Mountain.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND

Drive into North Dakota to explore the wild, untouched and multicolored badlands created by the Little Missouri.

Little Bighorn, MT

Cross into Montana to visit one of America's most poignant battlefields, where Custer's 7th Cavalry were trounced by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.

Butte, MT

This shabby old mining town in central Montana is a treasure trove of once grand architecture, old diners and even Cornish pasties.

Glacier National Park, MT

Northern Montana is dominated by this sensational preserve of glaciers, snowy peaks, alpine lakes and historic lodges.

Idaho Panhandle

I-90 cuts across this narrow section of Idaho, laced with inviting hiking and biking trails and home to the genuine Western town of Wallace.

Cascade Loop, WA

End up in Washington, touring the peaks and valleys of the mighty Cascade Mountains before arriving at Seattle and the Pacific Ocean.